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iNDX Technology,Inc recognized as “Top 10 Bioinformatics Solution Providers – 2019” by CIO Applicant

iNDX.Ai, a Bio-IT company based out of Silicon Valley focused at developing and providing innovative software products to guide translational research and enable better outcome for cancer cure has been recognized as “Top 10 Bioinformatics Solution Providers – 2019” by CIO Applications Magazine

In continuation with winning recognition for many of its Bio-IT innovations, iNDX.Ai for the second time in the year 2019 has been recognized with this . The distinguished team at CIO Applications inclusive of top industry analysts and CIOs recognize top 10 bioinformatics solution providers every year for their innovative contribution to the field by studying competence and capabilities. This year iNDX.Ai has been recognized as one of the Top 10 in this list of bioinformatics solution providers for its portfolio of solutions focused at aiding researchers with multi-omics fueled efficient cancer treatment methods in October 2019. iCORE, a cloud-based application developed by iNDX.Ai is a solution for organizations to design or integrate their existing internal system to help manage complex data stream and consolidate medical research information based on relevance and further to analyze and visualize data to expedite and enhance the decision-making process in cancer research. The Company’s key person and CEO, Mr. Mohan Uttarwar has expressed great pleasure filled with gratitude towards CIO Applications for this honorable recognition and extends his gratitude to the focused hardworking multi-disciplinary team of professionals at iNDX.Ai who stand motivated to continue developing innovative cancer care technology solutions.

About iNDX Technology, Inc

iNDX.Ai is a start-up founded on 18th March 2011, is focused on combining the best of science and technology using AI-enabled informatics platforms to accelerate discovery process for cancer cure. It works towards revolutionizing the field of immune-oncology through Saas-based multi-omics platform and collaborating with various clinical trial players to gather information, which is then integrated in their suite. Worth mentioning in this space is the iCore which connects medical data from different players like CROs, biobanks, labs and clinical trials to present data through a single window. This open API tool offers HIPAA & 21 CFR Part 11 Complaint infrastructure applications with GDPR certification.

About CIO Applications Magazine

CIO Applications Magazine from Silicon Valley founded in the year 1987 is a technology magazine for CIOs and IT vendors. Related to Technology and IT, this monthly magazine is noted for its CIO-100 annual awards wherein companies and agencies with distinguished innovations are recognized. It focuses on providing a knowledge network to discuss innovative and new solutions that can help grow business and improve outcomes. The digital-only magazine is focused on providing information on technology trends to professionals.