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  • Bioinformatics Services
  • Genomics Services
  • Transcriptomics Services

Bioinformatics Services

iNDX has decade of experience in bioinformatics services capabilities and ensures fast and reliable results

  1. Small RNA Sequencing Data Analysis
  2. Degradome Sequencing Data Analysis
  3. Digital Gene Expression Sequencing Data Analysis
  4. RNA-Seq (mRNA) Data Analysis
  5. Total RNA-Seq (Whole Transcriptome) Sequencing Data Analysis

Genomics Services

Our extensive knowledgebase covers translational research, biomarker discovery, clinical studies, disease-specific research, microbiome analysis and beyond. Our proprietary workflows are designed for the highest efficiency and quality. To serve you better, we have redundant laboratories strategically located across US. To ensure the safety of your data, Genomic Services operates with secure IT facilities, infrastructure and data centers as well as a disaster recovery data center.

  1. Multi-modal Cancer Genomics Profiling Services

  2. Immune Repertoire Profiling Services

  3. Microbiome Profiling Services

  4. RNA Sequencing Services

  5. RNA qPCR Services

  6. RNA Isolation Service

  7. DNA Sequencing Service

  8. DNA Isolation Service

  9. Whole Genome Amplification Service

Transcriptomics Services

iNDX proprietary work flow Technology provides Transcriptomic Data Analysis service. We have extensive experience in helping solve a wide variety of bioinformatics problems.

  1. Identification of the expressed genes
  2. Identification of splicing variants

  3. Determination of the gene structures

  4. Quantification of absolute & relative gene expression levels

  5. Relative expression of different alleles

  6. SNP discovery and characterization

  7. Differential expression analysis

  8. Detection of post-transcriptional edits

  9. De-novo RNA sequencing

  10. Identification of microRNAs including novel microRNAs

  11. Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis

  12. Novel microRNA prediction

  13. Expression quantitation of known and novel microRNA

  14. Differential expression analysis of known & novel microRNA

  15. Target gene prediction and network/pathway analysis

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