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Automated Bio Specimen Management for Clinical Trial Managers

  1. Quick reconciliation of bio specimen collection and shipment.

  2. Real-time bio specimen tracking across the clinical trial site

  3. Customized search and report on all data points.

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Rapid Upload of Multi-Dimensional Data with Ease on a Cloud-Based Data Lake.

  1. Automated process free from manual errors.

  2. Customized data architecture for easy querying

  3. Automated data QC & data validation for error detection

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Revolutionary Analytics Framework Enabling you to Slice-and-Dice Data as you wish

  1. Slice-and-dice data for comparison and customization of experimental cohorts.

  2. 30 pre-configured molecular data analysis pipelines.

  3. Allows the creation of a library of informatics pipeline and plug-in new user pipelines for analysis

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Revolutionary machine learning algorithms which let’s you jumpstart your research and begin your visual discovery. It’s a visual experience you’ll will love

  1. Customized visual experience you’ll fall in love

  2. The multi-layer analytics enabling rapid translation of discovery data

  3. Generates cards for assay & clinical result

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iDesigner enables the powerusers to create their own customized view of dashboard. This can be done by either changing the existing templates or creating the dashboard from scratch.

  1. Empowers user to add new information to the dashboard as cards.

  2. Enables changing the visializations based on one’s choice.

  3. Facilitates user to visualize same data in different forms of charts as well as tables.

  4. Allows rearranging, adding and/or removing cards based on the user’s intrest.

iCorrelation Engine

Intelligent data correlation that identifies discovery signatures between multi-omics and clinical datasets accelerating biomarker discovery

  1. Insights from omics datasets can help mine previously unexplored biomarker at specific time points and predict response to the therapy.

  2. Ability to run Principal component analysis (PCA), identify specific clusters of biomarkers, and identify relevant pharmacogenomics cohorts within the patient subpopulation

  3. Ability to conduct retrospective screening on specific time points and identify previously missed predictive biomarkers.

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An application that facilitate cancer management by accurately detecting, annotating and classify all types of omics variants, and provides curated content from professional associated guidelines and publicly available databases.

  1. One click end-to-end workflows for detecting and annotating variants in your samples.

  2. Interactive patient reports provide the most useful therapies for your patient in an instant.

  3. Multiple views allow for personalized user interface for different types of users.

  4. Interactive charts and tables that visually provide all the information related to your disease or variant of interest.

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