An application that helps the user to quickly upload and organize multi-dimensional data with ease on a cloud-based data lake. The application contains inbuilt quality control criteria that allow users to check the conformity and integrity of the uploaded data.

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What is iUploader

An application that helps the user to quickly and easily upload and organize multi-dimensional data on a cloud-based data lake. The application includes built-in quality control criteria which allow users to check the conformity of data.

Who is it for

Study managers, clinical operation managers, clinical research coordinators, scientists, clinical investigators, clinicians, oncologists, cancer researchers, principal investigators, lab personnel, bioinformaticians


  • As the target lead or a therapeutic combination moves from preclinical testing to more advanced phases of clinical trials investigators invariably generate increasingly large and complex data sets. The depth and breadth of this information can get infinitely large and complex as multiple data points start pouring in from several sources. For instance, sequencing data alone can require several gigabytes (GB) of storage making it impossible for the user analyzed the data on personal computers.
  • Since a large majority of clinical trials are conducted in medical centres located across the globe, it becomes increasingly challenging to organize and assemble data according to a unified classification scheme. This also generates the need for multiple iterations of data entry, downloads, uploads, and analysis within variable clinical trial management informatics platforms globally dispersed across many medical centres. This can lead to mistakes in labelling, tracking, storage, analysis, and interpretation of clinical data – costing sponsors thousands of wasted man-hours and research dollars.
  • Mid-study changes in protocols, switching of biospecimen vendors, transfer of ongoing trials to different clinical research organizations (CROs), new scientific innovations, evolving federal authority requirements, and incompatibilities between software platforms used at medical centres can compound these problems and can introduce long delays in the process.


  • iUploader is an AI-powered platform that seamlessly executes data parsing and manipulation procedures as the data is being uploaded onto the platform. It enables faster data transfers by systematically classifying and organizing information according to the type of data.
  • It allows laboratories, sites, vendors to upload, store, share and transfer the data in a central-cloud based repository so that researchers have instant access to raw data. The highly secure cloud-based data transfer platform offers compliance with HIPPA and 21 CFR part 11 norms.

Key Features

  • Automated process – eliminates manual errors and enables a dramatic reduction in time spent in uploading, sharing, transferring, and cataloging data.
  • Organizes the data in “suited” architecture for easy querying across different assays/studies.
  • Performs data QC for different formats, enables data validations, and continuously monitors the conformity and regularity of the data from different sources.
  • Highlights data inconsistencies in accordance with the defined data validation & QC standards.
  • Generates detailed reports for every upload – streamlining the flow, monitoring, and management of data.
  • System generated email alerts at each step during uploads intimating the users regarding the status of the data transfer operations.
  • Sends reminder and alerts for upcoming deadlines and associated action steps that need to be taken during the course of the clinical trial.
  • Interactive and real-time dashboards showing data transfer operations.

Imported Data Summary & Report