We have developed a fully automated process to manage and track patient biopsies and other samples.

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What is iTracker

iTracker automates the sample tracking process by integrating data generated from sample collection and analysis activities from the various organization.

Who is it for

Study managers, clinical operation managers, clinical research coordinators, scientists, clinical investigators, clinicians, oncologists, cancer researchers, principal investigators, lab personnel, bioinformaticians


  • Clinical trial ’s complex ecosystem involves multiple medical centres, hospitals, bio-specimen vendors, sites, and CROs located across the globe – making it extremely difficult to organize, assemble, and track data according to a unified classification scheme.
  • Strict regulatory scrutiny, changing legal requirements, and different trial guidelines across geographical regions introduce additional layers of complexity.
  • In order to ensure that all the stakeholders get due credit for their intellectual and financial capital invested, it is very important to maintain accurate tracking and annotation of data.
  • Lost, compromised, and unannotated data can prevent retrospective analysis that may prove to be critical in more advanced phases of clinical trial pipeline.


  • iTracker automates sample tracking process by integrating data from the various organizations. The platform offers a high level of automation in tracking clinical samples and consent documents during the entire trial period.
  • This solution is currently used by the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy to manage its sample tracking operations across 6 different institutes in the United States.
  • It empowers study teams to monitor the health of clinical trials from a sample-centric perspective across the distributed ecosystem of sites, labs, vendors, and biobanks.
  • Most clinical trials can be configured with out-of-the-box (OOB) features and do not require any special customization – making it very easy to bring on new studies and data sources from vendors.

Key Features

  • Dedicated sample-centric informatics infrastructure provides real-time intelligence and decision support by combining key clinical trial processes/operations in a single platform.
  • Real-time sample collection status and actionable insights into study planning (including sample collection and informed consent).
  • Streamlined automation of patient enrollment & consent tracking.
  • Seamless sample collection, shipment, and reconciliation.
  • Monitor sample storage, transfer requests, the fulfillment of transfer requests, and sample inventory.

Lab Tech Dashboard showing details of sample collection, specimen status, assay status, and lab workflow status

Biobank Dashboard showing inventory details and stocking status of various kits and reagents being used in a Phase 1b trial

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of clinical trial progress (e.g. see study information on left hand side). It provides insights regarding different clinical trial parameters such as enrollment characteristics (e.g. see enrollment by arms, recruitment status, current visit status, sample collection status, and IVRS etc.) and patient demographics (e.g. see gender, age profile in the middle panel).