iNDX.Ai has been recognized as Top 10 Analytics Solutions Providers – 2019 by Pharma Tech Outlook

Last decade has seen an explosion in the availability of data that can deliver valuable insights for the pharmaceutical sector–from Electronic Medical Records and clinical trial data to medical claims and patient behaviour data. All these information types are part of the large and complex data sets that can be vital for pharma to embark onto analytics for driving better services and make informed decisions.
Although, the inherent costs and challenges that come with harnessing large sets of information in varied formats have caused the pharmaceutical sector to embrace analytics slower than other industries. The pharma industry on the other hand, recognizes the huge potential that analytics holds for providing critical insights that could have a major impact on clinical programs as well as commercial activities. With the growing traction of predictive and prescriptive analytics in the pharma space, the industry has grown more receptive and intrigued by the immense potential that the technology can offer to it. As analytics applications in pharma have evolved from basic reporting and dashboard creation to regulatory compliance reporting, marketing/sales support, and product/service enablement, the current day pharma is looking to venture into a new level of sophistication in analytics technology.
This edition of Pharma Tech Outlook brings you the “Top 10 Analytics Solutions Providers – 2019”. The list features some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled in their services and product portfolio in the pharma analytics. The list is aimed at bridging the gap between pharma companies and analytics solution providers that are leading space with their technology prowess.

iNDX Technology, Inc Leveraging Innovative Informatics Platform for Accelerating Translational Research in Precision Medicine

umanity’s battle against terminal illnesses has been a long one in terms of research and treatment thus far. However, even with today’s sophisticated and evolving technologies, researchers find it difficult to consolidate data and collaborate effectively with partners and hospitals scattered across the globe. Leveraging the power of modern-day data engineering, iNDX Technologies is founded for the sole purpose of finding a cure for diseases like cancer and focuses on bolstering immune-oncology (I-O) research in the U.S. “Our motivation
and inspiration is to help researchers and patients find a cure for cancer through technology,” says Mohan Uttarwar, CEO of iNDX Technology. Focusing on academia and pharmaceutical companies in translational research, Uttarwar offers iCore: a cloud-based, mobile-enabled, informatics and analytics platform for I-O. “The industry is at a very interesting tipping point,” he says. “With the advent
of immuno cancer therapy, oncology research is going through a paradigm shift, and the convergence of innovation in science, technology, and business models will transform the field in the near future.” Immuno cancer therapy bypasses the side effects that patients
face as they undergo chemotherapy. While traditional cancer treatments are administered externally, I-O focuses on training the body to fight the disease internally, at a cellular level. “This was a fundamental breakthrough in biology and in understanding the immune system.
subsequently, we also witnessed major computational technology breakthroughs and implemented those in our solutions,” states Uttarwar.

“With the advent of immuno cancer therapy, oncology research is going through a paradigm shift, and the
convergence of innovation in science, technology, and business models will transform the field in the near future”

creates what we call a single study view for researchers to examine.” The platform then analyzes and visualizes the data sets to streamline the subsequent process of interrogation, where researchers can conduct quick and accurate studies. “As a translational researcher, getting the right information at their fingertips—with a minimal time delay—greatly affects the critical decision-making processes and fosters progress,” says Uttarwar. Team iNDX understands the criticality of collaboration and its advantages in the field of cancer research and has, therefore, designed its platform to support collaboration over multiple devices and systems across various institutions. For instance, iNDX’s iCore platform empowered PICI Console for researchers at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI) and its collaborators such as Stanford, UCSF, UCLA, Sloan Kettering, UPENN and MD Anderson (with Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Jim Alison). The iCore platform empowered the study teams to monitor the patients’ health in clinical trials from a sample-centric perspective across the broad ecosystem of laboratories, sites, and biobanks. With the vision to continually bolster cancer research, the company is prepared to support all collaborative efforts for the same.

“We, as a team of physicians, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, with over 100 years of combined experience, transitioned from diagnostic to translational research to focus completely on helping researchers find a cure for cancer.” Having aided researchers in academia as well as industry, iNDX Technology is dedicated to delving deeper into the realm of biology and technology to find the perfect intersection between the two.

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