iNDX.Ai is now compliant with EU GDPR norms

Cupertino, CA – July 9, 2019

iNDX.Ai is in the process of upgrading its flagship product with promising value-added features. Following the incorporation of features that allow iCoreV4.0 to be compatible with the FDA mandated 21 CFR Part 11, the California based start-up has also upgraded its flagship product to include compatibility with European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  These two new features will ensure regulatory compliance across geographical boundaries and are of immense value to clinical trial stakeholders who use this platform.

The incorporation of GDPR compatibility will ensure that clinical trial stakeholders who deal with sensitive and confidential electronic health records (EHRs), patient data,  and other forms of sensitive information are in compliance with European Union’s strict GDPR policies on data privacy. 

About GDPR

GDPR was developed by the EU to safeguard the security and privacy of data of subjects within the EU. However, U.S. biopharma companies that conduct trials on EU subjects or those which have offices located in the EU and are involved in the clinical study are also required to be GDPR compliant. Furthermore, data transfers between U.S. offices and EU offices can also be subject to GDPR compliance. iCore V4 is designed to deal with such regulatory complexities and ensure that clinical trial stakeholders utilizing this system are in compliance when transferring, uploading, and managing sensitive patient information.

The compatibility of iCoreV4.0 with GDPR will ensure that clients can track, monitor, and upload sensitive patient data without compromising the confidentiality and security of subjects. In contrast to other informatics platforms where data transfers may require reorganization of data to ensure compliance with GDPR, this feature will ensure that the data uploaded into the iCore system is secure and is maintained as per GDPR guidelines throughout the course of the study

About iNDX Technology, Inc

iNDX Technology, Inc (now iNDX.Ai) is a silicon valley based start-up that developed iCore, an innovative informatics platform to help its collaborators find a cure for cancer.  iCore leverages modern technologies such as AI/ML/NLP to develops informatics products that are designed to help multiomic biomarker discovery in the translational research for immuno-oncology.

Vinayak Khattar. Ph.D., MBA.

Consultant, iNDX.Ai


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