iNDX.Ai, INC launches iCore V4.0, next generation informatics platform to accelerate biomarker discovery for Immuno-Oncology clinical trials

The iCore V4 platform  launch under Indx.Ai brand is ideally suited to significantly increase the speed of deriving clinical and therapeutic insights from multi-omics data for complex I/O trials

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest version of the iCore platform that supports our mission of helping scientists and clinicians find cure for cancer by combining innovations in science and technologies (AI/ML/NLP) – an approach we believe provides better insights and generates better outcomes. iCore offers cloud-based suite of applications that helps you aggregate, organize, analyze, visualize, interrogate and correlate the clinical, exploratory, imaging and safety data that is amassed during early translational research.

“We have leveraged our  experience of working with Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, and its affiliates such as –  University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, UCLA, UPenn, Stanford, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,  to develop iCore platform and we are excited to offer it as Software as a Service (SAAS)  to benefit small to mid-size biopharma companies running IO trials; who may not have the kind of expertise and resources that are available at larger and more established cancer centers.” said Mohan Uttarwar, CEO, iNDX.Ai

Why is cancer biomarker discovery complex in I/O trials and why iCore?

The dynamics of different clinical studies in immune-oncology and vastness of available assays at our disposal dictates the geometric proportion of the data types to become available during the course of study. The correlation and aggregation of these abundant and complex multi-omics data with clinical data are challenging due to the heterogeneity and size of multi-omics data. This is mainly because different components of omics data (e.g. genome, proteome, methylome etc.) are segregated from each other in disconnected silos. This is where the iCore platform and its application suite navigate the daunting landscape of I/O clinical trials and helps bring information at the fingertips of investigators to hasten the pace of translation research.

The platform empowers clinical trial stakeholders to efficiently upload,  track, organize, view, manage, and analyze data within a single cloud-based platform. The broad capability of this bioinformatics powerhouse executes rapid integration, sharing, compliance, and cross-functional interrogations/ correlative analysis of diverse omics and clinical datasets generated during translational studies. It can handle complex datasets from whole exome sequencing (WES), RNA-Seq, Nanostring, T-cell receptor (TCR) Seq, qPCR, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Cytokine profiles, Radiology (including images), Multiplex ELISAs, LC/MS, and Clinical endpoints (PET, CT, MRI) to information derived from Electronic Data Captures (EDC)/Safety databases.

Who is it for

Study managers, Clinical operation managers, Clinical research coordinators, Scientists, Clinical investigators, Clinicians, Oncologists, Cancer Researchers, Principal Investigators, Lab personnel, Bioinformaticians

“As a scientist with an experience of managing multiple I/O trials for over two decades, I understand the complexity of identifying clinically relevant trends from multi-omics datasets. The iCore platform simplifies data analytics workflows – bringing information at the fingertips and helps gain novel insights” – Dr Sanjay Khare, CSO, iNDX.Ai

About Indx.Ai

iNDX.Ai is a silicon valley based Bio-IT company that has developed iCore – an innovative informatics platform that delivers novel insights and accelerates the drug development process for precision medicine. Please visit for further information.

To download this Press Release; Click on the  link: iNDX.Ai Press Release 3-28-19


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